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[Fic] A Different Kind of Buzz - EXO

Title: A Different Kind of Buzz (SoCal AU)
Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, side Suho/Chen
Rating: R
Length: 6645
Warnings: Recreational drug use, excessive party culture, language
Summary: The Halloween parties at UC Santa Barbara are notoriously wild, crazy, and borderline uncontrollable. Naturally, Chanyeol wants in.

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[Fic] We Dream and Dream (Of Forever) 1/3 - EXO

Title: We Dream and Dream (Of Forever)
Pairing: Suho/Chen
Rating: R
Length: 22,584
Summary: Kim Jongdae plans weddings. He promises one day of happiness, one day of glamor, one day of dreams-come-true. He does not promise forever.
Warning: Sex under the influence of alcohol
Notes: Originally written for airplanewishes as part of criticalcapture

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