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[Non-fic] Regarding Translations

My translation policy varies from fic to fic.

To generalize:
- Shorter fics—yes you may translate.
- Longer fics—no you may not translate.
- I do not allow any Korean or Chinese translations.
- I do not allow translations of any fics written for fanart.

I realize that this is kind of vague, but please keep this in mind before translating on your own. As a rule of thumb, anything originally posted on Tumblr—you have permission, with the exception of the following.

Below are a list of titles that I do not allow translations for:

It Wasn't Really - INFINITE
Trembling - INFINITE
Ink Smears - Teen Top
And This, Too - Peter Pan
Taciturn - EXO
Pretenders - EXO
The Weight of Things - EXO
Infuriating Paces - EXO
Multilingual - EXO
Drench - EXO
Industrial - EXO
Into the Light - EXO
Licky Lick - EXO
A Guy's Kind of Guy - EXO
Secondhand - EXO
Structural Development - EXO
Where Lights Won't Chase Us - EXO
This Feels Familiar - EXO
White Noise (Computer Virus AU) - EXO
Breathe Me - EXO
Headache Medicine - EXO
Only Fools - EXO
Hella Good - EXO
The Way It Goes - EXO
Like a Book - EXO
A Little Fall of Rain - EXO
Lead Me On - EXO
The In-Between - EXO [x]
Untitled Suho/Chen #1 - EXO [x]
Untitled Suho/Chen #2 - EXO [x]
Untitled Suho/Chen #3 - EXO [x]
Untitled Suho/Chen #4 - EXO [x]
Untitled Kris/Chanyeol - EXO [x]
Untitled Sehun/Kai - EXO [x]

Untitled D.O/Kai - EXO [x]

Anything not on this list—you can go ahead and translate without having to ask me. My rules are that you please give full credit and include a link back to the original. You don't need to send me the translated fic. :)

If you ever have any doubts on whether or not you can translate, please ask!! You won't be bothering me, and I'll always appreciate you having asked beforehand. Thanks a lot!!!

Tags: !non-fic
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