♔ call me captain. (sardothien) wrote in whatthekey,
♔ call me captain.

a farewell of sorts

hi everyone! it’s lavren. with dig your heels in having been posted for quite some time now, i’d like to announce that it was my final contribution to exo ficdom. i’ve had such a blast here in the last four years. i’ve learned a lot about writing and myself, made tons of brilliant and talented friends, and have come to love our boys in ways i never expected.

as with all things, though, i’ve found that my interests are changing. while i still love the boys with all my heart, i can’t pretend that i don’t struggle with writing new exo fic, or just fic in general. this is not a total departure from exo fandom, just a pause in my creative contributions. all stories will remain up and public (though if i find there’s need to community-lock, i will do so) and you’ll be able to access my lj, dreamwidth, and ao3 as you please!

with that being said, i am opening up my fics for public use. please feel free to translate, remix, quote, etc. my only rules are 1) do not repost my works (my only fic accounts are on livejournal, dreamwidth, and ao3), and 2) do not translate into chinese or korean.

if, in the future, i feel inspired to write for exo again, rest assured i won’t hesitate to do so. in the meantime, you can still find me on any of my social media accounts!

thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your lovely comments and continued support of my fics. i really appreciate it whenever i see one of my works on a fic rec list ;;; it truly does mean a lot.

it is with fond memories that i now put this writing community on official hiatus. again, thank you all for everything. i hope to still see you all around!!

much love,
lavren (whatthekey/sardothien)
Tags: !non-fic
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