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[fic] Headache Medicine - EXO

Title: Headache Medicine (University!AU)
Pairings: General, Suho/Chen, mentions of others
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1642

Note: This is meant to be a transitional fic between Breathe Me and a WIP Suho/Chen fic I'm planning.
You don't have to read BM first to understand, but it's always nice to know the backstory. ^-^
The main thing you should be aware of is that Sehun and Kyungsoo are roommates. ;)

When Sehun opens the door to his apartment, he is greeted by an obscenely loud cackle and a small gasp.

"Sehun-ah, you're back!" It's Luhan's voice, which is weird, because Luhan is usually never there without Sehun. He steps into the kitchen, frowning at the odd scene that presents itself.

Luhan stands up from the kitchen table where he is sitting with Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, and Jino. Sehun is not surprised to see Jino, who is Kyungsoo's best friend, nor Baekhyun, who, like the other two, is a Vocal Music major. What throws him off is Chanyeol lying on his stomach snickering at the TV screen, and a handsome but glum-faced boy sprawled across the couch.

"Um, what the fuck, Kyungsoo," says Sehun from the doorway as Luhan walks over to press a fond kiss to Sehun's cheek.

"So it looks like your boyfriend is in our music class," Kyungsoo says without looking up from his notebook. "I told him he could do homework with us if he gave me his waffle recipe."

"That's okay, right, Sehun-ah?" Luhan holds his hand and bounces up and down a little. "I'm usually stuck doing the work alone, and it's hard." 

Sehun really can't say no to Luhan, not when the older boy is smiling so brightly at him. He sighs. "That doesn't explain why you've brought back half the lecture hall with you."

"Oh, I'm not in the class," calls Chanyeol from the floor. "I'm just here to take up space."

"He won't break anything as long as he has the TV on," Baekhyun says, craning his neck to see Luhan's notes.

"Have you met Joonmyun-hyung?" asks Jino kindly, gesturing over to the mopey boy on Sehun's couch. "Hyung, this is Sehunnie."

"Nice to meet you," Sehun says politely, bowing his head. Joonmyun looks up and gives him a weak smile.

"Don't mind him," says Kyungsoo dismissively, erasing several lines at a time. "He's just heartbroken because the guy he likes is asexual."

The change in Joonmyun's facial expression from depressed to offended is almost comical. "Don't say that," Joonmyun snaps. "Jongdae is not asexual."

"Married to the library, then," Kyungsoo insists. "All the guy ever does is study."

Sehun sits in Luhan's empty seat. "Who's Jongdae?" he asks.

"My roommate," Jino replies simply.

"He's some physics nerd who looks decent in glasses," Baekhyun sniffs. "Personally, I don't see the appeal."

"I'd say Jongdae looks more than decent in glasses," Joonmyun whines, leaning despondently back into the cushions. "And he's not just a physics nerd. He's double majoring in Mandarin!"

"Oh, that's nice. I don't know many Mandarin majors." Luhan says, settling himself in Sehun's lap. He frowns down at his notes, forehead wrinkling cutely. "I don't get any of this."

"Same here," Baekhyun huffs, throwing down his pencil. "Why do we even need to learn composition? I want to sing songs, not write them."

"I wish Yixing was here," Luhan sighs absently.

"Who?" Jino inquires curiously.

"My friend who's in the Music Comp major," Luhan says knowingly. "He could probably do these assignments in his sleep."

Baekhyun sits up straight, an excited glint in his eyes. "Well, what are you waiting for?" he demands. "Call him up!"

"I'd actually prefer not to have more people in the apartment," Sehun says dryly, gesturing around the room. "Sorry."

"Would you like some space?" Jino asks gently. "Kyungsoo and I can always work at my apartment."

"It's okay," Sehun says. "This is fine, just no more."

Luhan smiles and squeezes his hand under the table. Sehun grins in spite of himself and picks up his boyfriend's worksheet. "Why are you even taking music? Aren't you doing Linguistics?"

"I'm in the minor," Luhan says, shrugging. 

Kyungsoo heaves a great sigh at his homework, then glances over at Joonmyun. "You still alive, hyung?"

"Dangling by a thread."

"You are so dramatic," Baekhyun says, rolling his eyes. "Don't you have homework to do?"

Jino grins. "Of course he doesn't. Graphic design majors never have anything to do."

Joonmyun sits up, glaring at them. "Are you implying that my major is a waste of time?"

"You know, he has a point," pipes up Chanyeol, and everyone but Baekhyun jumps, having forgotten he was there. "I always have tons of free time, but I'm not in graphic design."

"Baby, that's because you're insane," Baekhyun says tiredly. To Sehun, it sounds like they've had this conversation multiple times.

Chanyeol frowns up at Baekhyun's back. "No, I'm not."

Baekhyun turns around in his chair. "Chanyeol, you have a 4.0 with a double major and a double minor, yet I've never seen you study for more than an hour."

"Maybe I'm just a genius?" Chanyeol grins up at him. 

Baekhyun shakes his head and turns back to the table. "The university wouldn't let him take more than two majors and two minors."

"A cheap cutoff, I say! I should be able to take five majors if I want to!"

"If you're such a genius," Joonmyun sighs, "maybe you can help me."

"Oh, hyung, please not Jongdae again," Kyungsoo moans, rubbing his temples.

"You know, I never see him in the apartment," Jino muses. "I wonder who he hangs out with."

Joonmyun clears his throat pointedly.

"He studies with Kim Minseok," he says as though this were common knowledge. "Fourth year bio major going into med school."

"Another nerd, basically," says Baekhyun, smirking.

"I like Minseokkie," Luhan says simply. Everyone turns a puzzled head at him, and he shrugs. "He lives right across the hall. He was very kind to me when I first moved in."

Jino hums thoughtfully. "Anyone else?"

Joonmyun thinks for a moment. "This first year kid from China. Something-Tao."

"Zitao," Sehun says without thinking, suddenly remembering the moody boy from Luhan's apartment.

Joonmyun gives a confused look. "Yeah, that's it. How'd you know?"

"I think I saw him at your apartment," Sehun says, turning to Luhan. "With Kris."

Baekhyun chokes on his water. "Excuse me?"

"Ah," Luhan says, smiling mischievously. "So Wufan finally got over himself."

"Why is everyone in a relationship except for me," Joonmyun wails. Everyone chooses to ignore him.

"Since when has Kris been taken?" Baekhyun whines, scrabbling at his face. 

"Since about two weeks ago," Chanyeol says helpfully from the carpet, eyes still glued to the screen.

Baekhyun nearly falls over spinning around in his seat. "You knew this and didn't tell me?!" he screeches.

Chanyeol scratches his head, confused. "Yeah, Kris and I are good friends."

The smaller boy slumps angrily down in his chair. "I am not sleeping with you for a week."


"I think," Sehun says loudly, feeling a migraine coming on, "That maybe I would like some quiet."

"I agree," Kyungsoo says wearily. "Jino and I will go to his place."

"I'm going home to mourn my existence," Joonmyun announces solemnly before making his exit. "Nobody miss me."

"Trust me," Sehun mutters. "We won't."

Luhan laughs quietly and stands up to make dinner.

"Man, Kibum's gonna have a field day," Baekhyun grumbles. "We made a bet with Woohyun that Key could get into Kris' pants by the end of this month."

"Serves you right for making a bet with Woohyun," Jino says, smiling wistfully, and pats Baekhyun's back on his way out.

Baekhyun makes a petulant noise and drags a sheepish-looking Chanyeol out through the door.

 enjoy <3

Tags: !fic, #rating: pg, *fandom: exo, au: university, exo: suho/chen
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