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[non-fic] University!Au Reference Sheet

The quick and dirty guide to my University!AU.

All fics written within this AU are designed to stand on their own, but I make many references to events that occur in other pieces. Though it's not required, I feel that reading these fics in conjunction with each other will make your experience more enjoyable. :)
This AU is largely SM-heavy, but you will also find non-SM artists from time to time. As general background info, the university I have in mind is modeled after Honggik University in that it's slightly more focused on the arts, but it is completely fictional.
I've decided to stick to a certain generation of idols, so groups like Super Junior, DBSK, and SNSD may not show up as students. This guide is neither inclusive nor final, and I will continue to add to it as I develop this AU. My choices for year level are entirely on purpose. :)

More university!au can be found on my tumblr.


Fourth Years:
Kris - Pre-Law Poli Sci, English minor
Luhan - Linguistics, Vocal Music minor
Minseok - Pre-Med Biology
Henry - Musical Performance (string emphasis)
Minhyuk - Chemistry

Third Years:
Joonmyun - Graphic Design
Yixing - Music Composition, Theater minor
Kibum - Fashion Design, English Minor
Woohyun - Biopsychology
Nicole - Pre-Law Japanese
Howon - Accounting & Stats
Minho - Sports Medicine
Sungyeol - Computer Programming

Second Years:
Baekhyun - Vocal Music
Chanyeol - Marketing/Econ double, Architecture/Spanish double minor
Jongdae - Physics/Mandarin double
Kyungsoo - Vocal Music, Culinary Arts minor
Amber - Global Studies
Jino - Vocal Music
Myungsoo - Photography
Yukwon - Property Management

First Years:
Sehun - Sociology (later switches to Math)
Jongin - Communications
Zitao - Computer Science
Taemin - Communications
Krystal - Art (painting emphasis)


Sehun/Kyungsoo - Dorm
Luhan/Kris - Apartment
Jino/Jongdae - Dorm
Joonmyun/Kibum - Apartment
Baekhyun/Chanyeol - Apartment
Myungsoo/Sungyeol - Apartment

Tags: !non-fic, au: university
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