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[Fic] Multilingual - EXO

Title: Multilingual
Pairings: Xiumin/Luhan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 621

Yixing and Lu Han stumble inside at three in the morning, cheeks flushed and eyes bright, giggling softly. 

Minseok leans back in his chair and stares with raised eyebrows at the pair of wasted roommates. Lu Han's arm is curled around Yixing's neck for support while the other boy grips him tightly around the waist. His mouth is soft and lopsided, voice a breathy stream of Mandarin before Yixing trips over his feet and falls.

Minseok hears them erupt into snickers, before Lu Han looks up and catches him staring.

"Minseokkie—" Lu Han wobbles his way to where Minseok is writing an email to his parents. "My pretty Minseokkie."

"How much did you drink?" Minseok asks, amused, letting the taller boy drape himself over the back of his chair.

"Mmm. Minseokkie is so cuddly," Lu Han mumbles into his shoulder, completely ignoring the question. He smells like gin. Yixing's muffled laugh comes from somewhere behind them, and Minseok realizes that he's still on the floor. He twists around.

"Shouldn't we—?"

Lu Han's grip tightens around the chair. "It's okay baozi, he'll be fine."

Minseok sighs and goes back to his email. Lu Han's arms are still locked around his waist, nose buried in his collarbone, but he doesn't mind.

It's only after hitting the send button does he become aware of the wet patch on his shoulder.

"Yah," he says, annoyed. "You drooled on me."

When Lu Han only hums in response, Minseok stands up to hook his arm around Lu Han's waist. "Okay," he huffs. "You seriously need to go to bed."

To his surprise, carrying Lu Han is a lot more difficult than it looks, especially when Lu Han refuses to unravel himself from around Minseok's middle. He mumbles a slurred mixture of Korean and Mandarin, and Minseok only gets snippets of cute and baozi. He rolls his eyes.

He ends up half-dragging the younger boy into his room, and flops Lu Han dramatically onto his bed. Lu Han stares up at him with half-lidded, shining eyes, and reaches out to touch Minseok's cheek.

Minseok blinks. "Lu Han…?"

"Darling, you are so pretty and cute!"

Minseok considers actually slapping him. He pushes a giggling Lu Han back down with a snort. "Idiot. That's the only Thai you know."

"But baozi is so cute," Lu Han protests childishly, curling his fingers into Minseok's sleeve. "Stay here, Minseokkie."

"Baozi has to go write emails," Minseok says smiling, but he feels himself giving in. Lu Han's eyes are already closed, so he lets the younger boy tug him under his covers and wrap around him happily.

"Okay? Good?" Lu Han mumbles in English.

Minseok laughs into the sheets. "Yeah," he replies back in Mandarin. "Good."

The next morning, Wu Fan nearly trips on Yixing when he walks into the bathroom to wash his face and discovers their lead dancer sprawled out on the tiled floor with his jeans half-off.

Minseok hears Wu Fan swear violently and smirks into Lu Han's pillow.

i have so many xiuhan feels ;~; basically luhan is an idiot and minseok humors him. i crey.
FOR feeljovial <3 JESSICA TY FOR THE PLOT HELP. ps this is all word vomit i'm sorry ㅠㅠ
link for tumblr! thank you for stopping by <3

Tags: !fic, #rating: pg, *fandom: exo, exo: xiumin/luhan
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