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[Fic] Into the Light - EXO

Title: Into the Light
Pairings: Xiumin/Nahbit (lol)
Rating: PG
2404 words

"Lu Han, I swear to god—that's disgusting"

It is way too early in the morning, Minseok thinks, blinking blearily, to be dealing with Wu Fan's complaints. Jongdae yawns and slings his arm around his shoulders, and Minseok grins at him sleepily.

Lu Han is already at the kitchen table, feet propped up next to his cereal, texting rapidly on his phone.

"Seriously, Lu, we eat at the table."

The blonde sticks his tongue out and moves one socked foot into Minseok's lap where he'd sat down next to him.

Minseok raises an eyebrow at Lu Han's screen and reaches for the milk. "Who're you texting?"

Lu Han smirks at him, hair wild and fluffy from sleep. "Nahbit."

Across the table, Wu Fan chokes into his orange juice.

Minseok frowns and exchanges a confused glance with Jongdae. "Who the heck is Nahbit?"

"Don't you know?" Lu Han's tone is light and teasing. "Nahbit's your biggest fan."

Now Minseok's really confused. "Am I supposed to know who this is?" He tries making a grab for Lu Han's phone but misses.

"Just eat your cereal, baozi," Lu Han says airily, and stands up primly.

As Lu Han leaves, Minseok tries to make accusatory eye contact with Kris, only for their leader to look away pointedly.

"What is going on," he mumbles under his breath.

"It's okay, hyung." Jongdae pats him in what he probably thinks is a consoling manner. "Bright child. You have all of one fan. Be glad!"

Minseok shoves a piece of toast in his mouth and feels a vindictive pleasure when Jongdae splutters.

"What the fuck is that."

Jongdae's incredulous words echo dumbly against the walls of Minseok and Zitao's room. But really, there is a giant teddy bear sitting on Minseok's bed with a ridiculous pink bow and he's not entirely sure how it got there.

"It's got a weird smile," Zitao says, poking it gingerly.

It really does, Minseok thinks faintly. The eyes are large and unnecessarily glossy, and its smile is certainly off-kilter enough to be disturbing. Nonetheless, Minseok sits down hesitantly to read the tag on its collar.

To Woomin-hyungah~ the label says in boxish characters. Minseok feels a dark pink flush creep across his nose bridge. He doesn't need to guess to infer who this is from.

"Aww, Minseokkie has a such a big fan," Lu Han coos in his ear, and Minseok jumps, glaring up at his best friend. Lu Han laughs and pinches his cheek. "Don't be grumpy, baozi. I think it's cute."

"You think everything is cute," Jongdae points out, before Zitao shoves him out of the room. Minseok sighs.

"Is this secretly a big joke?" he asks, resigned. "Are you somehow behind everything?"

Lu Han smiles sweetly, pulling out his iPhone. "I told you, Nahbit's a big fan."

Minseok warily eyes the screen. He opens his mouth to ask how Lu Han even managed to get a fan's number, and then decides, no, he doesn't want to know.

"Minseok-hyung," Yixing says, sticking his head into their room. "You have another present from Nahbit."

"Are you serious?" Minseok sits up in disbelief, as Zitao snickers into his panda bedsheets,. This was beginning to get out of hand. "Was it delivered?"

"No," Yixing says serenely, and beckons him with pretty fingers. "It's in the K dorm."

"What in the world," Minseok mutters under his breath as he follows Yixing into the adjacent building.

And sure enough, there's a shiny blue Paris Baguette box sitting on K's kitchen table, and the Pucca post-it note addressed to him is definitely the same handwriting from before. Minseok peeks inside cautiously and is confused to find a blueberry cheesecake.

"I am so lost," he groans, flopping down into a chair.

"Tell me about it," Jongin calls indignantly from the living room. "I get out of the shower to find a fucking cake in the kitchen and I'm not allowed to eat it? I mean really."

"You have such a hard life, Jongin," Baekhyun says, grinning, before turning to Minseok. "Are you gonna eat it, hyung? Can we have some?"

"Yeah, sure," Minseok says weakly, watching as Baekhyun and Jongin eagerly cut themselves slices.

"Is this safe?" Joonmyun asks doubtfully from the doorway. "It's not tampered with or anything?"

"Who would want to hurt our baozi?" Lu Han says, strolling in with Sehun at his heels. "I'm sure it's fine to eat."

"Well if I'm throwing up in three hours," Jongin manages around a mouthful of cheesecake, "you'll know why."

Chanyeol appears behind Joonmyun with a plastic grocery bag, and an odd expression comes over his face. "What are you doing here, hyung?" he asks, voice strangely high, and Baekhyun's grin turns into a smirk.

"Baozi-hyung has a very dedicated fan," Baekhyun says in a low, knowing voice, and Minseok feels more lost than ever as Lu Han joins in on his laughter.

Zitao storms in two minutes later, very offended that they had not offered him cake, followed by a concerned looking Wu Fan.

Minseok watches as Wu Fan converses quietly with Chanyeol, who looks nervous. Lu Han strokes his shoulder absently, and Minseok leans into the touch, grateful for some tiny sliver of normalcy in this chaos.

It's only after Kyungsoo shoos them all out of his kitchen does Minseok finally try the cheesecake slice that Lu Han salvaged for him. He takes a bite and smiles a little. It's good.

They're on their way to Music Bank for their first comeback stage as twelve, and Minseok finds himself squished in between Yixing and Chanyeol in their car's backseat.

"What brings you to the M van, Chanyeol-ah?" Yixing asks Chanyeol placidly, who grins.

"Jongdae wanted to sit with Joonmyun-ssi," he quips cheerfully, "so I volunteered to switch!"

"How are you so hyper right now," Zitao grumbles. "Do you not feel even remotely tired?"

Chanyeol beams, wide and eager. "I'm EXO-K's Happy Virus! I'm supposed to be happy!"

"Too happy," Wu Fan huffs from the very front. "You bright child, turn your face off."

Minseok feels Chanyeol freeze momentarily next to him, and looks up to see a brief flash of anxiety in the younger boy's eyes, but then Chanyeol smacks his thigh and laughs loud and obnoxious the way he always does.

"Yeah, I'm bright, huh?" Chanyeol says in a voice that sounds oddly forced. "Hahaha, I'm very bright. That's a good description, Kevin."

Lu Han laughs as Wu Fan fumes silently and turns around to give Minseok a look that could be either exasperated or amused, he can't tell.

But Minseok stands in the wings as EXO-K opens the first verse of their song and watches Chanyeol with his long, long limbs and thinks, yes, Chanyeol is bright.

"Any more gifts from Nahbit?" Kyungsoo asks good-naturedly, giving Minseok a friendly nudge.

Minseok laughs, because Kyungsoo has always been calm and supportive and is probably the sanest out of all of them. "No, not for a while now," Minseok admits, and he's not sure if he's relieved or unsettled because of that.

Kyungsoo smiles encouragingly. "It's okay, hyung, the fans get crazy sometimes, but you know it's all because they love you, right?"

Minseok returns the smile, eternally grateful for one normal dongsaeng in this crazy trainwreck of a boy band. "I know, Kyungsoo-yah. I know."

"Minseok-ah. Minseok-ah."

Minseok opens his eyes blearily to see Lu Han peering down at him.

"Lu Han, seriously, it's four AM."

Lu Han waves his iPhone in Minseok's face. "Nahbit's here. Outside."

"What?" Minseok sits up straight, and focuses with great effort on Lu Han's phone screen. 

나빛 3:46 AM

Can you wake up Woomin-hyungah? Tell him I'm outside!

Minseok casts a terrified look at Lu Han. "Are you serious? Why is Nahbit here?"

Lu Han makes a great show of shrugging. "To see you."

"Oh my god," Minseok says, sinking his face into his hands. "What am I supposed to say to a fan?"

"Be nice, and be yourself," Lu Han says, and rubs his back soothingly. "The fans just want to see you. That's all they ever want."

Minseok shivers in his Kravis sweatshirt, and pulls his beanie down over his ears. This is ridiculous, he thinks. It's almost 4:30AM and he's meeting fans outside their dorm. At the very least, he'd have to thank Nahbit for the cake and the teddy bear. He can't seem ungrateful.

There is a noise behind him, and Minseok swivels around. He gawks.

It's Chanyeol.

"Uhh, hi hyung!" Chanyeol tries cheerily. "Fancy seeing you here this time of morning."

"Wait," Minseok begins, because he's cold and tired and confused, and really does not have time to deal with this. "Chanyeol, what are you doing here? I'm supposed to be meeting my fan."

Chanyeol toes at the gravel with his sneaker. The tips of his ears are pink from the cold, and his pajama pants come just shy of his ankles. "Your fan," he says carefully. "Nahbit, right?"

Minseok nods, rubbing his hands up and down his arms.

Chanyeol takes a tentative step forward, and offers a rare, soft smile. "Minseokkie-hyung, I'm your fan."

Minseok stares. "What?"

The younger boy flushes red and stares at the ground. "It's me. I'm your fan, hyung."

Chanyeol's words echo strangely in between them, and Minseok's blood pounds in his ears. "I don't understand."

Chanyeol grins weakly and shrugs. "You heard Wu Fan-hyung call me bright child in the car, right? It's not the first time he's done that. And Lu Han-hyung…. you know how he is. The name just sorta stuck."

Minseok shakes his head incredulously. "So you bought me the things?"

"Did you like them?" Chanyeol sounds so anxious, so eager to please. "I know you really like blueberries, so I knew the cake wouldn't be a problem but—"

Minseok snorts and looks away in embarrassment. "The bear is kind of weird looking."

Chanyeol has the decency to look sheepish. "Baekhyun said it looked like me," he says defensively, and it's cute. "I liked that."

"It does look like you," Minseok admits, grinning in spite of himself. "Cute but weird."

An awkward silence falls, and Minseok shivers again. 

"Are you cold?" Chanyeol closes the gap between them, and wraps his lanky arms around Minseok's shoulders. Now Minseok is really blushing, because Chanyeol's torso is hard and lean against his chest, and not really all that cuddly, but he's warm so Minseok lets himself melt into the embrace.

"I really like you, hyung." Chanyeol's voice is breathy and pearly white in the morning air, and wraps around Minseok like a teddy bear hug, like the taste of blueberry cheesecake, like the strong arms of his bandmate who smiles too bright and laughs too loud.

Minseok smiles and hugs him back tightly. "I like you too, Chanyeol-ah."

"What are you gonna do now?" Chanyeol mumbles down into Minseok's beanie. They probably look like a junior high couple slow dancing, but that's okay.

"Murder Lu Han in his sleep," Minseok says conversationally. "And anyone else involved."

Chanyeol laughs and there's no forcing it this time, Minseok thinks. This is the real Chanyeol, this is EXO-K's happy virus, their bright child, and Minseok counts himself very lucky. He pulls away.

"Nahbit, I think you're my favorite fan," Minseok says seriously.

Chanyeol grins and does a peace sign.

나빛 (nah bit) = bright child
so my friend nahbit, being a delusional baozi-stan, requested a xiumin/nahbit fic, and things got out of hand.
nahbit hi please don't kill me. namin turned into chanseok idek okay. criesss.
tumblr mirror!

Tags: !fic, #rating: pg, *fandom: exo, exo: xiumin-centric
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